Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Aratu yacht clubs race to Maragogipe

Dennis stares back in disbelief as the following fleet catch us up,we were aground in fine soft mud,we felt no impact,just slowly stopped with all sails still full!

Brer Terrapin in the lead with a smiling owner and skipper Dennis holding out a sail with one hand with a gin and tonnic in the other hand,we then ran aground and the fleet sailed past us!

This brasilian chart shows the river on the other side of the bay from Aratu,the route was to sail the river untill we got to the small island,turn left and then anchor off Magrogipe which is on te right hand side but not visible on this chart.

The fleet on a very light wind day but we broke away and soon were in the lead of the entire fleet.

With now wind Dennis decided to motor to Magrogipe.

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