Sunday, 28 February 2010

We make yachts expensive?

Black Cat at the start of a South Atlantic Race,she did two of them,the design is named Didi 38 and was the first radius chine development by Dudley Dix,he has since sold hundreds of sets of plans to yachts of many sizes using the same ideas,we can sell you the plans as well as a kit,on the Didi 38 we cut bulkheads,hull and decks,also the cockpit and coachroof,building is easy.

Some news on plans sales from Dudley:

Hi Roy. It is a few hundred now. The Didi 26 leads the numbers at over 250, followed by Didi Mini with 110. Didi 38/40 is more than 60 also. In lapstrake plywood, the CC19 and CH21 have both passed 50 boats.

A Skype message from boat designer Dudley Dix:

[2010/02/27 07:28:17 PM] Dudley Dix says: While looking for an email address on-line for Neil Rusch today, I happened across your Duckworks article on reducing the cost of yachts. I had read it long ago and reread most of it again now. Great article.

The basis of the artical is that in real terms yachts and boat are not so expensive,I am assuming you do have some disposable income of course,its the add ons that raise the cost to yachts,electronics being number one and who needs an engine anyway? you can find my words in the web site at

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