Thursday, 25 February 2010

T8sc as a kit

This is one of the three boats that Steve Thompson will be offering as a kit,with an exciting design feature that speeds up completion for the home or proffesional builder,plans are available from Steve,kits from CKD Boats.

LOA 8.0 metre
Beam 2.5 metre
Draft 2.2 metre
Sailing Weight 1280 kg
Crew Weight 425 kg (5 people)
Complete boat 855 kg
SA UP 52.0 sq. m
SA Down 138.3 sq. m

The T8sc has been designed as the answer to the competitive sailors dream that wants to be able to cruise on his boat with the family.

It retains all the sparkling performance of the racing 8 meter yet manages to accommodate the family in style.

Being lightweight means it is capable of easily being towed by the family car.
The rig is kept simple with a double swept spreader carbon or aluminium spar and three stay configuration. Asymmetric spinnakers and non overlapping jibs are specified, making this an easy boat to sail.
Topmast and running backstays are not required. The mainsail roach is carefully designed to produce the right amount of lay off in a breeze to allow the mainsail to exhaust.
The sails are limited to one mainsail, two jibs, a heavy weather jib and two asymmetric spinnakers. Both the keel and rudder are retractable for ease of launching and retrieving.

Accommodation is ample to sleep 4 adults with provision for an extended double berth forward. The galley is L shaped with room for a two burner cooker and built in sink. The head is forward of the main bulkhead separated from the rest of the boat by a curtain. Construction is kept simple and inexpensive with the use of the interior accommodation as structural components to keep the weight down.

Multiple construction methods
Accommodation for up to 4 adults
Functional cruising interior
Large cockpit with good interior volume
Easily towed behind a medium size car
Retractable keel and rudder for ease of launching and retrieving
Great racing performance

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