Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tiki 38 boat kit,a design by James Wharram.

Our cutting work saves you time,lots of it.

Our CNC cut bulkheads.

The Wharrahm designed Tiki range is no stranger to us,we have supplied materials,cross beams and spars for Tiki 30 in the past,we also supplied the materials for a Tiki 38,the customer asked that we cut the boat too,this was done over the period he was building and we now have a cut file on the Wharram 38 design.

We can supply all materials required for the boat,or just the bulkheads to start with,its really up to the builder,shipping as a single lot is more cost effective of course.

Note,we will only cut orders on proof that the plans have been purchased by the customer,we can ship world wide.

More ideas on Superform bending plys.

The end use of this stuff is endless,find a curved item and make it kind of thing,I once had a trade on an item,a Furuno 1800 radar,old stuff but as long as it worked I could use it,there was a catch of course,the scanner had no cover and being an old unit,none was about to be found,so I made one myself from 5mm Superform bending ply and epoxy.There is no glass reinforcing in the cover,its just epoxy and International Paints Interthane top coats doing a good job,its been eight years in the weather now?

Monday, 5 October 2009

Reliant SE4 classic car for sale,early model chassis SC400048

Alloys are none standard,the car had wires originally,I think they still exist?

A little TLC will be required on this 46 year old classic sports car,note the Hillman Imp rear tail lights,which still being produced (repro)most spares for this car should be findable.

This is a file picture,not the one for sale,which is also white,its a really well designed car.

Reliant Scimitar SE4 at Tatton Park June 2008

I owned two Reliant Scimiter GTE SE5 cars for many years,they had Fords super reliable 3ltr V6 motors in them,I am still used by the club in the UK as a contact for information,this came in last week,an SE4 is for sale,it was complete last time I saw it,even with a set of wire wheels (not fitted) the care is in Cape Town and now for sale,needing a total restoration.We can ship world wide,contact me at

It is a 1963 model? Chassis number SC400048. with the straight 6 ford zephyr engine. Unfortunately the body is in need of surface attention though fundamentally sound.

Cape Towns world surfing record!

This was yesterday at Muizenberg Beach,the wind was offshore so perfect to break the previous record made in Brasil of 100 surfers,they counted 105 yesterday,whats the next record going to be?
Note,we aslo supply wooden surfboard kits.

Progress continues on Andrews yacht hull

Its not even a year since Andrew paid us a visit and decided to buy our Ockume marine plys and epoxies,he works spare time on his boat project only,so moving from what was a set of bulkheads and stringers to what we see now is fine progress,the boat is a Hartley 37,we have been asked to supply Andrew with a mast kit,Dudley Dix has supplied the mast drawing updates based on his Hartley mast plans.

Andrew comments:

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Keel and Skeg packing blocks

Finally, another update. Inclement weather as well as being involved in making cabinets for a paying customer have slowed progress a bit. However in between all of this I have finished and fitted the Keel packing block and fitted the rudder and skeg packer ready to be flattened. All that now remains is to finish filling the holes, before sanding and sealing the entire hull with epoxy.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Our Superform (tm) bending plywoods

A good example of the extreme bends a strip of 5mm Superform bending plys will bend to,the B&G Network Quad instrument is 110mm square only,so you can estimate the corners radius at only 30mm on the outside.

We have been importing and selling bending plys for around twenty (20) years now,the first to introduce it too,we have our own retail side but also trade outlets in the Cape Town area,if you find it at their stores we supplied it.Other centers are welcome to contact us for bulk buying prices in pack lots.

The product is simply the best there is,its also water proof,it can be tanalith or PCP treated for external use,it can be used as it is on concrete shutters,curved roof soffits,walls and swim pool surounds too.

Didi 26 Spirit-of-Freedom

We have been asked to supply a kit to make a Dix Designed Didi 26,the customer sent a link to a web site in Italy,where a Didi 26+ is being built to a very high standard,the boat is named Spirit-of-Freedom.Its a progression from the normal Didi 26 in that it has a boarding platform,the rudder goes through that in very neat bushes,the forward end of the cockpit has a nice rounded shape now and the coach roof has lost its angles and is now a round shape with very snazzy windows too.If Dudley can suply the cut files to this new shape,we will offer it as a kit.

Try this link to learn more about this very nice boat

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Dixi Dinghy kit is selling well

The Dixi Dinghy is to the left with the Argie 10 to the right.

We have seen a turn of interest for our smallest dinghy kit,the Dixi Dinghy,before it was either the larger Argie 10 of Argie 15 design,I expect costs are the issue and folk are accepting a smaller design and saving money at the same time,our prices are also down by around 30% due to the stronger Rand currency,so imports of raw materials are cheaper for us to buy.

The first of the two designs, the DIXI DINGHY, was commissioned as a sailing yacht tender for very simple construction in stitch and glue plywood. As a rowing/powered boat, all hull panels can be cut from two sheets of 6mm (1/4") plywood, including forming bouyancy compartments fore and aft. Additional plywood is required to make up the rudder and daggerboard. The rig is free standing, supported at keel and bow thwart and is easily stepped. The mast is in two interlocking pieces and the sail is sleeve luffed and loose footed. All rig parts stow within the hull.
As a sailing fun boat she is highly manoeuvreable and nippy with an adult or two children. As a tender she will comfortably carry four adults and gear in calm water. Load capacity will vary with water conditions.

Dixi Dinghy

Stitch & Glue Plywood


6mm [1/4"] Marine plywood
Sheet 1220x2440mm [4'x8'] - 2
Piece 210x350mm - 2

12mm [½"] Marine plywood
Piece 170x850mm - 1

19mm [3/4"] Marine plywood
Piece 300x810mm - 1
Piece 140x360mm - 1

Timber framing etc (Meranti, Mahogany, Douglas Fir etc)
8x30mm [5/16"x1½"] - 6 of 2.7m [6 of 9']
13x20mm [33/64"x3/4"] - 8m [25']
15x15mm [5/8"x5/8"] - 5m [16']
20x30mm [3/4"x1 1/4"] - 1m [3']
20x40mm [3/4"x1½"] - 8m [25']
20x50mm [3/4"x2"] - 0.5m [2']

50mm [2"] Fibreglass tape - 25m [85']
1.5mm Diam [.06"] Copper wire - 15m [50']
Screws,200 posidrive screws