Saturday, 17 October 2009

Classic car white ash frame repairs and building

Left click pictures to view in a larger size.
This we can make,the alloy firewall too,you will have to find your own wings and chassis though!

Its a passing trade thing,one guy says 'Can you cut some american white ash for my MG body frames?' job done and forget it,then another guy wants his 1934 Riley Kestral body timbers remaking,some are simple fixes,one was a Austin Heally 100,nice car,the owner wanted a new panel of ply wood that goes behind the two seats,he had the old but original one as a template,it was very much delaminated.

Looking at the remains had me thinking,why not disasemble the ply veneers,then reglue it back with the correct phenolic glue we stock,then its the original panel as it left the Austin factory with,the owner was a little confused with this repair but fully understood why I did it.

The pictures show a Morgan Mk3 (i think) its an nice car to build,just look at the skill in the alloy wings,its great to see such craftsman are still making things as they once did.

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