Monday, 12 October 2009

The Bressay Bank is to be converted to a Tall Ship

News From the WINDJAMMERS,now That TBA Is Involved With SASLA

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A ship, a ship, my kingdom for a ship
After years of hoping and planning, at last we have a ship. Ken Evans of Circe Launches has donated the Bressay Bank, a 50m, ice class, North Sea beam trawler which once fished here in the South Coast Lobster trade.
The North Sea hull form is generally considered to be one of the most seaworthy types. The stresses, strains and stability demands on an ocean going side trawler are virtually identical to that of a sailing ship making the Bressay Bank an ideal candidate for conversion of the former to the latter (when combined with her easy sailing lines). Other examples of this North Sea type include: Barque Picton Castle; Full-Rigged Ship Danmark; German Navy Barque Gorchfock; Brigantine Yankee; Schooner Westward; etc. The Bressay Bank was built for the grueling North Atlantic trawler fishery sailing winter and summer. This service puts enormous demands on a vessel’s stability and strength of fabric. These ships were designed and constructed accordingly.
We are extremely privileged to have Captain Dan Moreland of the Picton Castle, coming to rig the ship. He is the most experienced and qualified sailing ship captain in the world, and has lots of experience in restoring and converting sailing ships. He will run a comprehensive, hands-on, skills training program while rigging the ship. This is some eighteen months away, but put your name down now to avoid missing out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
The Bressay Bank's barque rigging design will be based upon numerous very successful vessels; Captain Moreland’s years of ship refitting, rigging and seafaring experience since 1972; and carried out in accordance with Germanischer Lloyd’s tables for masting and rigging of ocean-going sailing ships. These are the only proven and internationally recognized guidelines for square-rigged ships. Vessels drawn upon for the rig design of the Bressay Bank include: Barque Picton Castle; Full-Rigged Ship Danmark; Full-Rigged Ship Georg Stage; Full-Rigged Ship Sorlandet; Barque Belle of Lagos; Barque Elissa, Brigantine Romance; etc.
We need donations of equipment: engine, gearbox and propellor; steel plate; spars and rigging cable; full set of electrics and electronics; full set of safety gear; plumbing; refrigeration; full galley setup; water-makers; gensets; wood for decks and interior furnishing; etc. And then all shipbuilding skills.
Significant sponsors names and logos will be featured on the hull. This will be a national effort, a truly South African ship - everyone can be a part of it - everyone should be involved. All players in the shipping industry will have an opportunity (may I say duty?) to contribute.
We have already had a number of volunteers signing up to get involved in this project. To apply please email or phone/fax 021-4481618. Be a part of building a sailing ship for South Africa - you know its the right thing to do.

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