Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Aries Vane Gear Rope Drum

This is not new,its had very little use though and is for sale,it has been stripped, cleaned,serviced and correctly reassembled,it works perfectly,only the U clamps to fasten it to your steering wheel are missing but we can source them for you too.
contact me at: roy@ckdboats.co.za  we can discuss price and postage etc.

Update, it was sold for R800 at the beginning of March 2011!


Its now January 2013 and we still get requests to supply this Aries rope drum from time to time.

Try these makers and suppliers.

Helen Franklin can supply spares from her place in England.

Helen Franklin Telephone: +44 1326 37 7467
6 Dunvegan Road,
Penryn, Cornwall
+44 1326 37 8117
TR10 8HJ

or try http://www.selfsteer.dk/ in Denmark.

Aries Denmark Telephone: +45 7445 0760
Damgade 27, Holm e-mail: aries@email.dk
6430 Nordborg www: www.selfsteer.dk