Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Superform Bending Plywood picture

5mm thick Superform Bending Plywood,this is not at its full bend,it will go lots more,the open hatch was just handy for this picture shoot.

We have regular enquiries for information on our specialist bending plys,so how about a sample picture and a little technical information,here it is!

Some data for you:

Bending radius:

3mm 3cm
5mm 5cm
8mm 8cm

Density 300 to 320 kgs per M3 at a 12% moisture content,we have normally
seen it un packed at 7%,so it can be lighter?

Screw holding 900 Newton
Nail Holding 55 Newton

Tested to European Standard EN 314-1
CE Certified ECC to 89/106 ECC

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