Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Dave and Wendy build our Didi Mini Transat in Arizona

They have taken sometime but its been a well documented process,this is Dave raising the carbon fibre mast with some friends,excepting a the boat falling off the trailer again,launch day may not be far off?

The gin pole worked and we got the mast up. And back down again. We had to stop the first time and make some adjustments to the gin pole rigging, but the second time worked fine and it was less effort then when we step the J/24 mast. We then set the boom and bow sprit and took measurements for the sail maker. We then took it all off and and started moving the boat back it the garage. Then the wheels fell off. No really the wheels fell off. As we were pushing the boat in to the driveway the wheels on the front of the cradle did not make the bump. After 3 more stops to either put the wheels back on or finally put a movers dolly under the bow we got it back in the garage. Thanks to Craig, Paul, Walt, Georgia, Beth, Ethan & Wendy for all the help!

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