Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Dudley Dix hits seventy five

Black Cat,starts the race from Cape Town,this is Dudleys own radius chine design which he built to do the race,since then over three hundred and sixty boat plans to a similar design concept have been sold,even this early on in the race he is well in the lead of many other yachts.

Photos taken on the 2000 MTN Cape to Rio race.

The guy who is now seventy five is center and in the white tee shirt

Not a bad picture of a guy now just turned seventy five? (thats the guy on the left with the grey hair,I have no idea how old that black bird is?)

I was invited with my wife Jean, to Dudleys 50th,that was ten years back,now he tells my he has made 75,this is remarkable in such a short time,how does he do it some elixier of life that makes him older,then again I have just made 21,so am I becoming younger,in my case it must be the Heineken beers I fancy now and again?

So whats this all about? well you may ask,a mail came in from Dudley to me today,he has now sold boat plans to seventy five (75)different countries,the party at his Hout Bay home was when he had sold to fifty (50),CKD Boats has a long way to go to catch him up he says,we have only sold to twenty one (21) countries!

The message from Dudley Dix:

Hi Roy,

We added Kuwait today. That takes us to 75 well ahead of my 60th.




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