Tuesday, 16 December 2008

KD 860 catamaran

We have a lot of interest in this design,its another build it yourself kit,the designer,Bernd Kholer says 'if you can fix a chair,you can make this'any budding chair fixers out there?


Designers data and info pack:

KD 860 - offshore catamaran

This is K-Design's or Bernd Kohler's smallest offshore cruiser. A sea worthy fast cruiser catamaran for a family of four. The performance of this boat is exceptional on all courses to the wind. To make sure of this, the boat is light and has a low streamlined profile for windward performance. The study plans include diagrams for speed prediction and dynamic stability, so you can see for your self.

The boat is a plywood/glass/epoxy composite construction. Any handy amateur can build this boat without difficulties and surprises. Quoted in it Study plans "Every person who has repaired a chair can build this boat"


LOA/LWL: 8.76/8.60m
Beam: 5.60m
Draft hull/rudder: 0.4/0.7m
Weight empty: 1400 kg
Weight cwl: 2800 kg
Sail area
Main: 27 m2
Jib 10 m2
Reacher: 26 m2
L/B ratio: 1:2
L/B ratio hulls: 1:11
Prismatic coefficient: 0.569
Righting moment max.: 5600 kgm
Optimum speed: 21.5 kn
Outboard engines 2x 6 HP

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