Sunday, 14 December 2008

Didi mini transat kit number one soon to be launched

Harken deck gear was supplied to these and other boats by CKD Boats,Cape Town.

Malcolms Didi mini transat number one,I think some eighty five sets of plans to this design have now been sold,many of which we have then supplied as our CKD Boats kits.

Warlock,now SCM sailing in Table Bay,Warlock,our kit number two, was our first Didi mini transat kit to be built and launched but kit number one is close to launch now.

Warlock at RCYC

When Dudley Dix asked me if we would handle the supply of plywoods,epoxy,timber stringers to Malcolm, a customer of his, I had little idea of just what my positive reply would lead to,we did the supply but at this stage only cut the boats bulkheads,as that was where Dudley was up to with his CNC program back then.Later and as we then recieved an order for Mikes Warlock and Mathews Running With Scissors Didi Mini Transat full boat builds,we found the cut files were then available from Dix Design to cut the rest of the boat.CKD Boats then used the two boats to develop the boats interior panels,we are probably the only licenced company to include the boats ballast water tanks (or dump lockers?) and the bunks and mast case as part of our kit.

Malcolm later brought back the uncut plys for the cockpit,coach roof,decks and hull skins,we then cut them and Peter Randle built the boat for Malcolm.We supplied a small amount of epoxy to Malcolm recently,his boat is nearly complete and may be launched early next year,so far as I can see the finish is top class,somuch so that Malcolm tells me that absolutely everyone thinks its a production moulded GRP boat,our ply/epoxy boats are liable to be lighter than GRP boats of course.

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