Saturday, 4 October 2008

Sergeys Didi Mini Transat in New York

This is the fourth Didi mini transat launched that was built from one of our kits.We also have one that sailed from South Africa to England,another went to Spain but I think by ship,we have one in Simonstown,South Africa too.Others may be sailing but we have not been told yet,for sure we are seeing more and more sailing each year.

This boat was the second built by the owner to this design,the first he built from plans,then chose our fully prepared kit for his second boat,we shipped in two stages,stage one was the boat kit,then the following year,the sails,keel,deck stantions,push and pulpit,rudders and foil,steering and tiller.We have done a number of our kits in this manner,it gives the builder time to get on with the boat,then as he or she works along,decide what is required to complete the boat,it helps with the cash flow as well of course!

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