Thursday, 2 October 2008

Didi 26 trailer sailer as a kit boat

Fourteen days after the start,this is where I was at,thats 14 working days and after I had the building stocks built in place,each day was never a full eight hours,as it was still up to me to reply to mails and enquiries,so only six to seven hours a day really?

You can see how the bulkheads are set in place,its not difficult at all,we cut the stringer slots as you can see,no easy task when your doing your own lofting and setting out,I would like to think this is one of the reasons our CNC cut kits have been so acceptable.

It will take you less than a day to prepare all these CNC cut bulkheads and the same again to set them up,so in practice within two days of starting,your moving on to the stringer fitting,followed by fitting the first hull panel,its really that fast with our kits.

We have sold these kits to clients in Johannesburg,RSA,Hawaai and Virginia,USA,the last one started as a kit order,then the client suggested we build the kit for him as well,so we sent the finished hull and deck unit to him,pre primed in white epoxy base coat in a 40ft container,its a close fit but we managed.

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