Friday, 29 July 2016

Watson & Co garage in Liverpool

This picture was found on the web site ' Liverpool Picture Book '  my thanks for them posting it.

The last time I was in that garage I think my grandad was still alive, he was the general manager then.

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My grandads name was Fred Ford, Watson & Son were Morris sales and service agents.

Was I about twelve when I was last there?

I was being primed to become a Morris mechanic, under the watchful eyes of my grandad I guess it was a good plan. I had no plans to get my hands dirty and became a joiner in the end.

Grandad passed away around that time and from TB, a terrible waste of a great man.

1929 Rolls Royce 20hp Watsons of Liverpool Tourer for sale for £62,000 by Vintage & Prestige Automobiles Ltd, Essex

The stunning 1929 car had its main body fitted by the company which was founded by Liverpool-born racing driver and motoring pioneer, William Watson.

Operating out of Renshaw Street in the city centre, Watson became one of the first Rolls Royce agents in 1908 after testing the Silver Ghost Rolls Royce the previous year and being impressed with its quietness and performance.

As the firm grew, Watsons of Liverpool became one of the leading companies which built tailor-made bodies for Rolls Royce and Morris chassis and eventually Jaguar in 1930.

Watson even extended his skills to help with the war effort during both world wars.
During World War I, Watson manufactured shell cases and aeroplane propellers and repaired fighter aircraft during World War II.

The 1929 Rolls Royce was repatriated to the UK after spending much of its life in a California museum.

Amazingly the car is in a virtually original state, with the same plum-coloured paint that was painted on it in the 1920s and the original UK registration number.

Now its owner is offering someone else the chance to feel the wind in their hair as they cruise around in the vintage set of wheels.

If you’ve got a spare £62,000 to spare then it could be you sitting in the driving seat.

The history of William Watson!


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