Monday, 25 July 2016

Car licence plate for Mozambique in 1975?

Mozambique in 1975 may be incorrect but it will be a fair start?

I am trying to find out which town or city and in which province the number plate MLH-27-23 belongs to?

The picture was taken in a Johannesburg police pound prior to an auction when the 1967 Hillman Imp Californian was sold. The date is not known but circa 1980/82 as the car was then licenced on the Transvaal roads by the new owner in 1982.

It is known that M is for Mozambique and the next two letters for the town or city that licenced the car, which town is that?

A further clue may be the red tax disc on the windscreen, does the red disc denote a month?

The car as it is today.


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