Saturday, 7 May 2016

Wood / Epoxy as a boat building material?

This issue gets kicked around from time to time and often falls finally on the boats resale value and worth?

The problem is that we never really know the truth until we try and sell the boat?

Recently a Dix 43 that was built in a plywood/epoxy method was placed on the market, it took a number of months, then the prospective buyers arrived.

Some may have been  interested in the boat due to its condition, as even after sixteen years in the water the boat still looks as you can see in the picture above.

The boat found two possible buyers and within the same week, the first to place his deposit became the buyer.
One guy flew down from Richards Bay at his own expense, he was totally knocked out by the design and the quality of build.
Of the four main possible buyers not one questioned the fact that the boat was built from a wood/epoxy system, not one made a lower offer and the boat sold at its full asking price.
So the next time I am asked about the resale of a similar construction built boat, I will suggest that it is not the material the boat is made from but how it has been  built and then maintained?
The buyer was recommended to have a survey, one of the capes well known boat builders did the job.
The in the water survey showed that there was no area with a moisture content higher than eight percent. The surveyor later did a Skype call to the buyer and recommended that the boat be purchased.

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