Tuesday 27 October 2015

Wooden what? seen here in Hout Bay, South Africa

This came in a few days back, I thought it was another converted and German Mine sweeper, maybe it is?

We had some conversions going on here a few years back, German boats sold to Japan I think, then bought and converted in the Simonstown naval dockyard for service work in Nigeria.


Any ideas?

Here is a well qualified comment from a master marine engineer,


I can only assume as you did that she is an ex-minesweeper if constructed of timber. The low open deck aft is another signature feature of a minesweeper.

It’s possible that she is one of a large number of ex-naval and other craft that have been pressed into commercial service for security / anti-pirate patrols and escort duties in east and west Africa – Nigeria as you mentioned. She looks to be in good condition.

The fact that she’s in Hout Bay means that she must have already been cleared-in at Table Bay or some other SA port.

Any identification markings, flags, etc, on her? Is she shut-down and on shore-power or is she running her generators?


It was only by the next day did I find out the ship was part of a filming production ( i know the name ) and was by then flying a French national flag.

The ships markings had been DTC 8799, they had been removed for the filming , a house flag was also flying.

The ship has a really nice bronze anchor.

By 5pm a Table Bay service tug had taken the ship out into the bay and back to where ever the ship is normally berthed?

Out in the bay and on its way.

Another exciting event in the Hout Bay harbour was over.


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