Sunday, 25 October 2015

Story writing or blogging?

This week I got to meet John  and was then talking to a regular blog reader who I had no idea existed .

We do have a common connection as it turns out as I knew his late dad very well and I am pleased to say I know his brother very well too.

The writing really started about ten years back and before the blog writing began, then as the blog expanded I slowed down on the actual story writing and then expanded the blog on a near daily basis.

The link needs to be copied and pasted into Google, you will then have to sign in as a non member to access the forum pages.

This blog slowed some around 2013 when I was asked to rebuild a 1971 Hillman Imp, that took me to an Imp Club forum, then I started the thread on the Imp and of course had less time for my own blog.

The underside of the car was stripped and refinished first.

The pictures should enlarge when you click on them.

The cars original block was bored out from the standard 875cc and then fitted with 998cc liners and pistons.

The Imps all have drum brakes all round, in the case of the 1971 Hillman Imp the owner chose to have me fit the disc brake conversion kit.

While the rebuild was happening and  it took over a year, I was able to buy back my own 1967 Hillman Imp Californian coupe, a rare car these days. This saw me working on both cars as time allowed, I then opened an Imp Club Forum page on the red Imp Californian, that is now at some sixty eight (68) pages and covers the cars rebuild in some detail.

The blue Imp is now finished and with its owner,  the red Imp coupe  can be my daily driver should I want to use it? It is fully roadworthy and is licenced and insured.

The cars interior has been re done, the carpets and head liner have still to be fitted.

There is also a set of front disc brakes ready to fit, the suspension will also be lowered 1" (25mm) by fitting the Monte Carlo competition road springs.

So with all this going on the writing stopped for places like Duckworths Magazine but I guess folk still read the stories from time to time?

Same again, if the link does not open for you please copy and paste it into Google.

There are ten stories there, one is in two parts, so lots to read if you have the time?


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