Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Thin plywood, a three ply just 1.8mm thick

We can make this (so can you) if we use our special flexible veneer sheets, which are just 0.006 mm thick ,then cut panels to 60 cm square we can press a nice 60 cm x  60 cm three ply up.

All veneer species are special imports.

Note, due to the different stock veneer thicknesses from species to species, the finished panel may be between 1.8mm to 2.5mm.

The finished panel is reasonably flexible and is also moisture resistant.

The materials are all imported, this includes the special glue, which is applied with a foam roller.

The work require  hand cutting of  the veneer sheets to size, then the application of the glue on  all four contacting faces.

The special jig then needs clear plastic sheeting applied to ensure the ply faces do not bond to the jig.

Then the veneers need loading to the jig and the pressure is applied, this is all done by hand as small orders do not support expensive machines.

You can of course press the board yourself but do you want to?

We use a moisture proof  PVA glue imported from Germany.


Thin Plywood in Cape Town,a new product from CKD Boats cc

This thin ply sheet above is in African Mahogany, we also have white and pink beech, white maple, cherry,teak ,we can post anywhere pending the size of your order.

Now ex stock and a three ply in American Cherry, grade A pre sanded faces with no slicer marks!

This product should be perfect for model makers.


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