Sunday, 20 September 2015

Didi 38 kit to Johnston Atoll

This came about some years back and before the US Army closed down the base and returned the atoll back to nature.

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The idea was to supply just the boat hull and deck kit with the related wood and epoxy, in the end we sent the customer the entire boats worth of gear.

The reason we shipped the mast, sails, engine, stainless steel, winches, deck and plumber fittings out as well as our standard Didi 38 kit was simple.

As the island had to be supplied via Honalulu, buying from Cape Town was cost effective as it cut out the US based supppliers, Prices and our Rand exchange rate were better back then (they still are) so in the end we even supplied the boats electronics package as well.

Before the boat was finished, the island was closed down, our customer then shipped the hull he had already built back to the Seattle, USA are and was having it finished there on the mainland.

Check the link for more on this design concept and read Justin Phillps detailed review in his SA Yacht Blog.


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