Monday 14 September 2015

A wood/epoxy canal boat kit?

This has been discussed for some time but we have never progressed past the talking stage.

An enquiry of sorts came in from England today, my reply is below.

Such a craft will also suit slow moving rivers and lakes?

This idea remains but as we never recieved an order, it went no place fast.

The concept is easy, the internals, things like the cupboards and so on become the frames which hold the shape and keep it together.

We would offer it as an entire shell with the interior all CNC cut, a doddle to assemble really, very much simpler than a yacht for sure.

With no enquiries and no design existing, means it will not happen, as to date I have used other designers, then sell the kits based on their work.

A well known yacht designer in the USA showed some interest but I then have to pay him for the design work.

A kit to a 27ft boat would be about R80,000?

Not sure really but thats a good guess?


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