Thursday 17 September 2015

A canal, river or inshore waters, long range power cruising boat kit

This was done purely as a concept design and a few years back, the idea is still there it just needs someone who wants such a boat to allow the design to be completed?

Two possible layouts are shown, the final layout would be to the owners requirements.

I would expect  this design to be in a plywood/epoxy build with a GRP sheathing over it to add strength for contact with lock gates and walls?

Click on the images to view in a larger size.

The designer to this stage comments below.

I had anticipated about 40 Hp - 50 Hp for this design.
 Consumption around 2 l/h, at cruising speed of say 5-6 kts, would
give a daily range of 120 nm, using 48 l fuel (approx). If you carried 480
l, that would give you 10 days cruising, with a theoretical max range of
1200 nm in flat waters. Call it 1000 nm.

This design was intended as a versatile passagemaker - for med type
conditions, rather than canals. It would be ok on European rivers and
waterways, and the Med sea for example. Subject to beam restrictions, not
sure about the UK.

My thanks to JP for supplying the concept drawings which are copyright to himself.
Note, they must not be used for contruction in any form.

The final design and building details will be drawn up by a well known boat designer.

Comments invited!


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