Thursday 18 June 2015

How to rebuild a Perkins 4108 Jabsco water pump

The Perkins 4108 in use has around 1900 hours on it, that is after about thirty years or so of use.

In the past fifteen years the pump has never given problems or shown signs of needing any service, I note now a small water leak.

With a nice spare pump in stock its quite easy to change the lip seals and bearing, the impellor looks fine anyway.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

The cover plate and screws are missing from this image.

With the two lip seals removed and the bearing still on the shaft I can now source the new parts, do the rebuild and change the refurbished pump over for the one on the engine now.

I will buy two sets of new parts, then service the second pump which can go onto the Perkins 4108 engine it came off, that still needs a rebuild and will then be for sale.

How hard can this be?


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