Monday, 15 June 2015

A new Hillman Imp for sale

Hillman Imps have been around for some fifty two years (52) and I have had the pleasure and good fortune to have owned my first Imp around fifty years (50) ago, so my understanding of them is vast.

Now and again I am asked to re build or service them, the last re build was a year in the making but much of that time was done as outworks. A new one will of course not be possible but a totally rebuilt one should be.

Rootes Car Co, Scotland press release picture.

The problem now is not finding the spares, it is finding the car to rebuild, there are maybe one or two that I know of in South Africa that may be for sale, bare shells and that kind of thing.

The picture of the blue car shows the last Imp Saloon done by me, its is a 1971 model and a one owner Hillman Imp Deluxe. The car was turned upside down for a number of months while the bottom of the car was restored, plus the cars suspensions.

No expense was saved on this cars restoration, we had a very good body and floor pan, suspension mounts, the original engine and transaxle so all numbers match, plus as a one owner car the buyer will become only the second licenced owner in 43 years!

Upgrades such front a disc brakes are all undertaken.

The red car interior is the car being worked on now, some eleven ( 11 ) months on and while the car is a daily driver if required, it is not quite complete, this one is a 1967 Hillman Imp Californian coupe, it is said there are less than sixty coupe's left world wide , if that as some say there may be fifty five left ( 55 ) only?

This Imp Californian is my own car, one other coupe exists in South Africa that I know of, it may be for sale?

Contact me if your wanting a restored Hillman Imp.


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