Tuesday, 21 April 2015

JW Rifleman plans in stock

JW is of course John Welsford, we stock a number of his plans and can post to most places.
Some can be turned into CNC kits but not all of them.

The steeply rising bottom panels soften the ride, and give good directional stability while the long fine entry eases through the waves and keeps the spray down in a way that the more common wide beam can rarely achieve.
Inside there is room for four to ride in comfort, and to fish without tangling lines. There is adequate storage under the foredeck and under the centreline of the seats, while the space under the side seats and forward thwart is sealed off providing sufficient air tank buoyancy to float her stable and baleable fully swamped. This space can be accessed through plastic hatches if required and is a good place to keep spare clothing, matches, food and other essential small items. ( Don’t put the bait in the same one as the food!)

Steered from the console on the centre thwart the boat is easier to trim, and generally will provide a more comfortable ride with the weight out of the ends. With the motors normal remote control kit and a simple cord and pulley steering system it is possible to rig the controls without having to spend too much on hardware.

We have just been asked for a design similar to a 1957 power boat, this sort of fits that time slot?

We have the plans in stock.


What a nice boat, we can get it built for you also.


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