Saturday, 25 April 2015

A sailing canoe kit?

This is out of the past and is an older design than the years I have lived, while its not a kit, if enough orders were placed I an sure we could copy it?

In our case all those meranti wood frames would become okoume plywood, saves a mass of weight and also the time to fabricate them.

Morning Roy,

Have you seen something like this before?

It is a canvas on frame sailing canoe. This one dates back to about 1939/1945. These canoes were sailed and raced on the Zwartkops River at Redhouse Yacht Club, Port Elizabeth.

The boats usually had a single lug sail although I have seen pictures of Bermudan rigs as well.
LOA 4.3 mts, B 1.150 mts.

What I have established is that this particular canoe was found abandoned in the mud on the River bank in the 1970's. It was then stored under cover minus the canvas skin, but still covered in saltwater and river mud at Redhouse Yacht Club. I have brought it home and started cleaning it up, stripping the old paint off etc. Once that's done, I plan to re varnish the frames and stringers. We are then going to hang the framework up as a display in the Club.

The frames seems to be high quality meranti, the stringers are Oregon pine and the centreboard case Masonite (hardboard). All in very sound condition after about 70 years. No doubt thanks to the salt water which was never washed off.


My thanks to Frans for sending me the pictures and the history he knows of the craft.


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