Monday 9 February 2015

Boat building epoxy, mix and use

A shipment of WBP plys and epoxy suitable for building a boat has just been received buy our customer is Reunion Isle, the customer asked on some advice on the mix and use of the epoxy we supplied him, red the reply below.

The data sheets on the 816 epoxy and 205 cure agent were sent with the shipment.

Use wise the mix is 100 grams of the 816 epoxy to 65grams of the 205 cure agent.
In temperatures to about 25c you have some hours to work when its mixed, as the temperature goes up to 30c

there will be less time, if its very warm mix smaller amounts such as 85 grams.

Pour into a painters tray to allow the mix to spread out, this slows the mix from warming up.
Work out of direct sunlight if possible to slow down the effects of the sun.

You can use the epoxy when mixed as a glue and also a coating, do not change the mix to try and slow down or speed

up the cure rate, epoxy does not work like that.


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