Saturday, 23 August 2014

We meet the JoLon Imp drivers

For those who do not know the JoLon Imp is a 1972 Hillman Imp that drove from Johannesburg to Coventry for the May 2013 Imp Club meeting in Coventry, England, the event was fifty years of the Hillman Imp.

Here Geoff and Terence are looking at the map of the world and no doubt centering on Africa as they drove most of that continenent, plus into and across two others, they did a drive of 14,000 kilometers in 29 nine days, made the event on its last day and went into Imp Club history.

They never had a single puncture!

Plus the engine they used was an old Mk1 version so circa 1963.

How easy can this be?

Well we can read all about it here,


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