Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The sailing adventures of yacht Tididi

Yacht Tididi,  which is a Hartley 37 sailing yacht, has a way to go before she sets off on what I am sure will be an adventure on the sea.

The fact is and I am always keen to point this out, the adventure started some time back, from the decision to purchase the plans, to the buying in of materials and then to start building your dream boat. Andrew the boats owner builder, has done a fine job here, the side decks are complete and soon the coach roof and cockpit will be fitted.

I think Andrew is an IT or electronics guy, yet he seems to have no bothers building his ply/epoxy yacht, materials to the hull and decks were supplied by CKD Boats cc.

The pictures are proof that we can build boats and to a very high standard given the desire to do so.

How easy was this? I have no idea but Andrew may explain in his own blog!


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