Sunday, 13 July 2014

Hillman Imp owners meeting in Hout Bay

We are all Imp owners or were at one time, the car in the picture was owned by Eric on the left and also by Willie the tall guy next to the car.

In the background is the 1967 Hillman Californian coupe, a rarer car than I had thought?

Hi Roy,

Great to hear from you and good news you are going to keep another Imp back on the road good luck.

After having been into imps since 1964 have just aquired a Californian myself (my first of this model) trying to get on road for the big weekend lots of problems so far but think I will just about make it.

As regards numbers of cars left   DVLA have a total of only 37 cars on the road and a further 27 cars on SORN (known but not road legal) this does not mean this is the total of cars left only the cars we can prove from records .

Many club members like to play their cards close to their chest and not dIsclose cars they have tucked away, plus cars like yours which never show up on UK records.

As Californians were only produced from 1967 to 1971 they had one of the shorter production runs and our record show a total of 6122 being built.



So thats only sixty five left including my own!

There are only four Hillman Imp based cars known to me in the Western Cape, South Africa, three are with me and Eric has a Mk2 Hillman Imp at his home just around the corner.


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