Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hillman Imp Californian Coupe in South Africa

This was always a fairly rare car, with production spanning just three years and only 6100 or so made, this car was then exported to Mozambique, I assume as a Rootes Car Co export and not a personal export?
as the speedometer reads in kilometers and not in miles per hour.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Seen here I am taking advantage of a break in our cold winter weather to air and dry the car out.

The car was sold by me about four and a half years back, it has spent most of that time parked outside near Cape Town, the paint has taken a hammering and the nice silver wide rim wheels were painted as we can see but otherwise the car has survived, sort of.

The engine is the cars original and numbers match, from Richard at the Imp Club in the UK I am told the car came off the Rootes Car Co production line 3rd of February 1967, the Californian was announced in 1966 but only sold from 1967 and this car was one of the first.

Nice to have such a restoration project on my hands again!


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