Sunday 1 June 2014

Roys Foils and Rudders

Thats a new name in the yachting industry?

Having just laminated a Didi Sport 15 keel foil up and with the rudder to be done next, followed by a Sadler 26 rudder after that its clear it may be a suitable name?

Dix Design have supplied us the CNC cut files to profile the foil and rudder.

We then slot the shape into the wood on both sides with a sideways groove every 50mm, this means
we can release the actual shape in a controled manner.

Drawing # 8 says to laminate with recorcinol or epoxy, we always use recorcinol.

Applied to both edges to be laminated it really soaks into the wood, which in this case is african mahogany (khaya)

Check the link to view the Didi Sport 15 boat.

One foil blank ready for the CNC works

The timber for the rudder laid out on the foil blank but not glued.

The rudder timbers are now laminated and will be at the CNC shop in the morning.

Released from the clamps,the phenolic glue is in the plastic container and plastic bag, the curled black thing is what was left over from the keel foil glue up.

The two blanks are now ready for CNC works.

How easy is this? sort of when you have done it this many times.


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