Wednesday 4 June 2014

Proteus 106 kit packing

Monday morning:

This is to a local order for a customer on the South African East Coast, for all exports we pack in purpose made crates and this size order would need at least two such crates.

The trick is to pack what can be lifted by the Hyster, at over 2000 kgs this size Hyster would have none of this and just would not lift the order.

A plan was made for a larger Hyster and we then steel band the order to ensure it stayed as one pack lot and arrived in good condition.

The odd shapes in between are 16mm MDF cut outs which are removable bulkhead stations.

The load weighs about 2600 kgs? we supplied 150 kgs of epoxy with this order as well.

This large catamaran is built the right way up and then becomes an easy build with no later worry about turning it over at a later stage.


News in by thursday:

Hi Roy

The kit arrived yesterday late afternoon - all intact and no apparent damage. I haven’t unpacked and checked everything yet.

Many thanks


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