Wednesday 12 March 2014

Toylander series 2 re priced and now at a lower price

With the decline of the value of the Rand currency we have had to re look at some designs and change our ideas on some materials we have used in the past.

One such kit is the Mk2 Toylander, all have been CNC cut to date using imported okoume marine ply, which has probably doubled in price since we started offering the Toylander as a kit?

This is the first one we cut and is in okoume marine plywood, its for sale should you want one right away?

The kit has been re costed using 12mm pine ply made locally, this slashes the cost and still makes a good body, they use MDF in the UK and pine plywood will be lighter than MDF anyway

Prices now are R2960 for the kit with CNC work and glues, fillers etc, then an option to have the front wing corners and bonnet moulded from 3mm Superform bending plywood at a cost of just R600 extra, Vat is not included.

Plans can be purchased from    Prices, we do the Mk2 version only.

Its nice to see prices falling for a change!


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