Friday, 14 March 2014

Mirror Mirror ( dinghy kits)

Mirror Mirror? well once we have the first kit assembled and we proove it will measure to the class rules, we can start producing Mirrors to order, thats a base kit of plys with further materials options and right on to
a sail away boat.

Peter Randle, a professional boat builder has built our first kit. He will be available for orders once the first kit is completed, kits will be from CKD Boats cc, part or completed boats will be direct from Peter.
Peter told me that this kit is the best he has ever assembled, the panel fits are perfect!

We were asked what the boat will weigh, this is due to the fact that the Mirror 2013 plans now allow for a 6mm hull and a 4mm deck layout, here the boat is on the scales. On the production boats and while stocks last we will use imported French made okoume plywood made and stamped to the BS1088 marine grade.

Prices start with the CNC cut plywoods, ISAF plaque and licence to build one boat.

We find that the dry assembled hull weighs just 18kgs.

The rest of the boats panels weigh 10kgs so we have a dry weight with copper wire laces at 28ks, the copper wire will be removed later.

The panels line up exactly as they should do, this eases the build time for the builder.

We are hoping to have the rest of the kit assembled by this time next week, contact me for more information.

As the new licence holder for the Mirror design in South Africa, we will be able to supply you with single repair panels (2013 rules) and also the Rudder and Dagger Board, blanks for these items should be ex stock once we are up and running.


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