Saturday, 18 January 2014

Curved wall shelves for all sorts of use and reasons.

The ask today was can we make some curved  shelves to support some gear.

Superform Bending plywood will work fine, we have been importing for twenty years now?


Wall shelves which are curved are really possible using Superform bending plys and Flexiform veneers.

Made deep enough you could also do a stack of wine bottles too?

 They would  look rather like these companionway steps!

Yes,  Superform bending plywood is also water proof, contact me for a stockist in your area.

 Each year we try and make some new design with Superform bending plywoods,we are the importers and distributors to southern africa (retail agencies are available)we work with the local Cape Technical Design College, when their design students are given a design and manufacturing task,Superform plys and Flexiveneers often are the only way to produce the complex forms they have designed.These steps involved a lot of design and manufacturing,jigs had to be made to form the steps,in this case laminated from three layers of 8mm Superform ply,we laminated the teak Flexiveneers to the top and bottom faces at the same time,it is important to use the correct hard grade of glue,especially when the solid teak front and rear edge strips are formed

Odd one but true.