Tuesday 14 January 2014

A Cape Cutter 19 stainless steel drop keel by Jorgen

Jorgen was a customer for a 316 stainless steel package from us, he built his boat from plans.

He has developed a method of fabrication of the drop keel, we normally supply these in a solid steel
plate with milled edges as per the plans but check Jorgens ideas out.

My thanks for Jorgen showing us his drawing and related pictures, click on the image for a larger view.


Hello Roy,

I have told you before about my ideas

of a Lead-filled Centerboard to my CC19.

Now I have come to reality with this plans!

I figured out that to topfill the Centerboard with Lead
is not the best optimization. With this manufacturing
I can customize the best weight distribution.

I decided to fill the Centerboard to 200 mm under DWL.

Sending here a picture showing the Ballast Distribution.

Best Regards J├Ârgen

Check here also for more information on this idea.