Saturday 28 December 2013

Proteus 106 catamaran build details

The fact that this boat can be built the right way up makes a lot of sense to me, right away you can get a feel for what your building, its space and size in relation to yourself, its built about a half meter
off the factory floor.

This one is in Venezuela, we can ship kits world wide at a reasonable cost.

The bow assembly, all easy to manage when your working with a CNC prepared kit
from CKD Boats cc in Cape Town.

The plans do not call for internal glassing on the hull flats, only the joints where the bulkheads meet the hull skin, in this case the owner/builder has glassed it all, adding a little weight but a lot of strength.
This is the way I would build this boat, right away your seeing the boat and can establish the mass of living space this boat has.
This is the cockpit beam, as with the rest of the boats hull and decks, all panels are CNC cut for the builder.
Details inside the hull of the boat built in Thailand.
Again the boat that Rick had built in Thailand.
 A kit from us includes all the plys and epoxy plus the glass tapes and cloth, allow around R200,000(U$19,300 at this time) as a start price plus the plans, which are supplied direct from the boats designer Angelo Lavranos.
Pricing is subject to confirmation at the time of your order.