Saturday, 28 December 2013

Building the Proteus 106 sailing catamaran

I have just been asked how easy this design is to build? that's a question that needs a little background information on, I have seen some remarkable results from normally desk bound types just because they applied themselves.

Here the side panels have been joined together with scarph joints, which in themselves are really easy to do.

This was the clamping table the panels were glued up on, the clamping is easy to make, threaded rod and cross clamps with nuts and washers will work fine also. The panels can be glued up on the boat also.

 Simply put this is really just an assembly job, our kit gives you around 130 sheets of CNC cut marine plys and some MDF sheets which are removable stations when the boat is built. I would not build this way up as its possible to build the right way up also.

Note, the first tow pictures are of our kit as sent to Erminio in Caracas, Venezuela, he built the right way up, the last two pictures are of Ricks boat in Thailand, that boat was built from plans and also as the transom section extended.