Monday, 9 December 2013

Jaguar 3.8S type tubeless wire wheels in Cape Town

I have been involved with Jaguars for over three decades, our own car has just found a new owner and will do the next Southern Africa round tour rally, this rally takes place over 26 days and is quite a serious event but for older and classic cars. Pre 1966 is the class our Jaguar has been entered in.

The car has low road mileage wire wheels, the correct curly hub pattern, not the later flat hub type.
The rally organisers suggest two spares be carried, they were brought in specially for the car from MWS, in Manchester, England where I bought the original wheels from.

The clutch is a Hillman Imp Mk2 flywheel and pressure plate, it will be rebuilt as a spare for stock.

Just like my original ones but with some noticeable updates, one is that blue tag, each wheel now has its own ID.

The packing lable gives you 24 hours from time of delivery to inspect each wheel in case a claim is wanted.

This is the major change, they are now tubeless and banded over the spokes with what was once a liquid, now semi solid, its going to be forced tighter to the spoke heads when the tire is pumped up with air.

The cost to the wheels was one thing, local handling and RSA Vat at 14% added R920 on the two rims, still that was better than the UKs 20% Vat!

These rims have been sprayed and given what looks like a clear coat lacquer finish, we can do that to the cars own wheels if the owner wants.

How nice are these wheels!