Friday, 13 December 2013

Hillman Imp, disc brakes to a 12"steel rim

Normally we have fitted these kits to the larger 13"rim,steel or alloy but the person wanting  the 1971
Hillman Imp Deluxe wants to keep the ride original, so series 80 road tires will be used.

The screw driver end marks a small bump that these rims have, it may or may not foul the Ford Fiesta caliper, we recommend you grind two to three mm off that bump to be sure.

There can be some part of the bump left in place, just grind half of it off.

You can just see the Ford Fiesta caliper in the lower slots.
With these standard rims, at least the slots allow some air cooling, which will not be as effective with the Imps standard 8" drums all round.

Kit plates ex our UK supplier now in stock, Cape Town.

How easy is that!