Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Linwood No More, its a success!

Author and Imp Club member Paul Coulther with his wife Morven came to visit us a few years back, little did we know that not only did he have a new Imp book in mind but a play on the Linwood Imp production as well.

The play started to tour Scotland in October and has done a two month stint, whats next I have now asked Paul.


"It is the year 2000, almost 20 years since the Chrysler car factory closed, devastating the town of Linwood near Paisley. One of the 9,000 left jobless  - now a homeless alcoholic - awkens to the new millenium and looks back fondly to happier times as a worker in the factory in 1965. He tells his story with warmth and humour and reflects on events that changed his life forever."
The play,  written by Paul Coulter and directed by Liz Carruthers, stars Vincent Freill.

November 2013 - Linwood No More tour ends on a high
White Stag Theatre Company would like to thank all of the audience members who came to see the showing of Linwood No More on its autumn 2013 Scottish tour. We are glad that you enjoyed the show and thank all of those who sent in thank you letters. Very much appreciated.  The show finished with a site specific double billing at the former car factory in Linwood where the play is partially set. Paisley Arts Centre created a theatre within the former 1960s car showroom and a temporary stage off the bottom of the administration office staircase.  This special venue really added to the occasion and was a great way to finish the tour.
Some of the reviews are printed below:
"..It was fantastic..." Leah Smith
"...great performance last night...." John Craig
"Vincent executed the character brilliantly, would happily go and see it again!" Robert Rice
"This is a fabulous show that captivates you from start to finish...Vincent pulls off a great character..."  Carol Fanning