Thursday, 28 November 2013

Classic Car restoration in Cape Town

This has been an on going work for some while now, as often happens it started as a hobby then moved
on to doing work to order.

Hillman Imps are the speciality but other cars can be considered.

To do things right, the car is placed on a turning jig, only this way can the cars underside be cleaned and painted properly.

Note, the paint on this car is very well done but will be changed for a shade that was original!

The same turning jig was developed for a similar make of car which was a hill climb or race car that was exported to Scotland in the UK.

This is a long process, the bottom ofthe car has been high pressure water cleaned before the application of DTM ( direct to metal ) black paints. Note the two front suspension arms on the left, they have been bead blasted clean of all rust and spray painted with the same coating.

 Click on the picture for a larger image.

The paint is Fords Aquarius Metallic Blue, a very close match to the Chrysler Electric Metallic Blue that the car was originally, we chose the Samcor colour for ease of a re match.

This is the engine bay on the same car, which is a 1971 built Hillman Imp Deluxe, just one licenced owner in all those years.

Small details like re using the cars original coil and having the mount bracket re plated are done always.

The engine bay was sprayed yesterday, two coats of base coat, then two coats of clear twin pack lacquer gloss to seal the base coat off. The rear suspension was test fitted today to check for anything that may need attention.

This car has already found a buyer, it will be trimmed and painted to the buyers high standards by outside
proffesional trimmers and auto painters.

If you want your car restored to this level you may want to try contacting me, only a few per year can be processed.