Thursday 10 October 2013

Gibb main sail roller reefing

I would like to own this hardware just to restore it and have on a shelf to display!

This boom looks to be about 5.5 meters long and will suit a boat over forty feet long?

The mast end has twin square peg drives, one on either side so that a socket handle could be used to revolve the boom, it was a slow process, both up and down, the first yacht I crossed the South Atlantic used this main sail reefing system.

This is solid and cast bronze, it will clean up a treat when bead blasted clean.

Made by Gibb of England, Great Britain, Gibb has gone, England is still there but does the great in Great Britain still apply?

Maybe not, to some but we are still tops in F1 motor sport car manufacture and a certain Olympic sailing tactitian has just helped America hold on to their Americas Cup!