Sunday 6 October 2013

Dix Design plans orders

Best that your aware that there will be a period when plans production from Dix Design will not be possible, please read below and contact me as soon as possible if your thinking of buying plans from me.

This was taken by myself when I was down at Ilha Grande, about sixty miles south of Rio Do Janerio, I know Dudley went down there himself on his return to Cape Town.
Hi to all our agents.

If you haven't been following my blog  then you may not know that I will be sailing trans-Atlantic in the Cape to Rio Race in January. Follow the blog for updates about our preparations.

More important for you is that both Dehlia and I will be away for at the same time, for a month. Dehlia will be coming to Cape Town for the race start and a well-deserved holiday. She leaves 3rd December and returns 14th January. I leave on 14th December and will not be back until about a week into February.

Please tell your customers that we will not be able to supply any paper plans from about 10th December until after 14th January. I will probably be very rushed in the last week before I leave, so please try to get your orders to Dehlia before the end of November so that she can supply them. I will be able to fill emergency late orders but will not be able to handle a rush of big orders in December.

We hope to be able to still process email orders while away but it will depend on us being able to set up the systems to do it. That will allow us to supply email plans for dinghies and email study packs.

Feel free to ask any questions.


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