Monday 2 September 2013

New Plexiglas deck hatch lens

An update, its now just six months since September 2013, when the new cover was fitted and the handle was bonded on with flexible epoxy glue. Well the handle came loose last week as (I assume)
the suns UV rays damaged the epoxy, even through 8mm of semi clear plastic. I hand now refitted the handle and used a Dow Corning white glazing sealant we stock, used on high rise buildings it is 100% UV proof.

A report on the success of the new product in another six months?

This was an interesting project, a lot more involved than normal as it presented some questions and

The idea is that CKD Boats cc can supply you the end user and owner of faded or cracked new Plexiglas hatch covers and windows, prices on application.

Note, the handle is not fitted in the correct quadrant in this picture!

The old Lewmar and original Plexiglas probably cracked due to the handle being bonded with a solid adhesive? I used a flexible epoxy and time will tell if this works?

I managed to make an opaque lens using two sheets of 4mm clear Plexiglas bonded with epoxy.
note the rebate that was required to fit the glazing rubber.

Refitted it looks little different to the job done by Lewmar, I think it may last longer.