Wednesday 4 September 2013

Jaguar 3.8 litre petrol filters

This is a topic we may never think of but one thats well worth remembering when servicing your car.

The in line plastic cased GUD BC3 filter was fitted as required when the new Huco petrol pump was installed, it fits between the tank and the pump.

The center filter and glass bowl fits in the engine bay of a 1966 Jaguar 3.8S type, note that the filter membrane has become matted, I would like to purchase this type of filter if anyone has one? This filter works by the petrol flowing down a center hole, then moving out to the twin SU carbs through the paper element, any sediment then falls to the bottom of the glass bowl.

The filiter on the right is also from Jaguar, purchased in Liverpool and part number 02C 2880 dated 14/09/91 but its the wrong filter for this application!

Which Jaguar was this off, I suspect the XJ6? it cost GBP10.00 !

With that filter incoming petrol would enter via the outside of the paper element, then exit via its center hole, thats the reverse of the center filter. Meaning the filter on the right dumps sediment into the center of the filter on the early Jaguars and is not visible, soon blocking the fuel flow and causing the engine to loose power.

How sad it that!