Sunday, 11 August 2013

Tilley Lamp glass cover wanted.

The famous paraffin burner the Tilley Lamp, you would be amazed at the candle power output they can give out.

I sourced this model type X.246. Tilley Lamp new and in its box in England, I was able to bring it in as inspected hand luggage as it had never had paraffin in it.

Check the cracks, the glass is a Pyrex type and still holds itself together but for how long?
The part number from Tilley is # 171 does anyone have one, two would be better!

I have used it in the winter to light up braai's and that kind of thing, those nights when Eskom switch the power off are turned into daylight with this lamp.

They are easy to work with and lighting them is quite straight forward, at some stage the delicate white mantle was holed, this allowed a flame to escape and fracture the glass cover.

So I need a new one!


Note, this has been unused for a while but even so the lamp lit at the first attempt. There was a low hand pump pressure, this was fixed by removal of the pump piston, apply a coat of clean paraffin to the leather washer, open the washer out some, then replace the piston.

The control knob just visible on the lower left of the picture started to leak paraffin, I used a pair of pliers and gave the knurled cover a small turn, the leak stopped right away.

I have a brand new Coleman paraffin lamp glass cover to swop?