Tuesday 13 August 2013

Hillman Imp export car

In this case the Scottish built 1966 Singer Chamois Sport (Hillman Imp) was re exported and back to Scotland but after a lot of work had gone into the car to make it into a Hill Climb and Sprint car.

Arrival in Scotland and in the cars own 20ft container, shipping is handled here by our regular forwarders.

Out of the container and at the port in Scotland where the offloading took place.

Now in the owners garage.

The blue and white Imp was prepared here in the greater Cape Town area, then shipped by sea back to Scotland. We have one late model 1972/3 Hillman Imp shell we can either do the same to or turn into an near new road car.

We can build and badge it as a Hillman Imp, Singer Chamois or Sunbeam Sport, with an engine to suit either model.

The Singer Sport shell on its side was taken apart, painted and then rebuilt, mainly with new parts and in the case of the front brakes we fitted discs. The Singer is our own car which we have owned for around twenty years, with some forty nine years of knowing Imps the experience helps.

No its not cheap but how else can one rebuild a car to this standard when the hours are not put in. Even so local labour is still far less than some countries.

The jig to turn the car over on was made specially to take the Imp, the car was refitted in various stages and angles like this, what a pleasure!